July is pet dental health month.  We have been very lucky to have support from some great companies to offer you fantastic specials during the month of July.

For all our patients we are offering FREE DENTAL CHECKS during July.  Please make an appointment and one of our vet nurses will be able to ‘flip the lip’ and give you advice about your pet’s dental health.  We can recommend at home dental care to assist in keeping your pet’s teeth clean, or we may recommend a dental treatment.  All cats and dogs that have dental checks receive a free trial bag of Hills t/d dental food.

As part of dental month we are offering $30 off full mouth xrays of your pet’s teeth (normally $80).  Your pet must be fully anaesthetised to perform these xrays so we get good quality images and can make the right decisions (this cost is additional).  These xrays greatly assist the vets to ensure that the best possible dental procedure is performed on your pet.