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This month’s theme is fleas. In fact it is FLEAS, FLEAS and MORE FLEAS. With a very hot and humid summer behind us this year has seen the fleas come out in full swing and have seemed harder than usual to keep at bay.

As well as causing itching and being an all around nuisance for our pets, and us, fleas can also transmit infectious diseases and carry tapeworms. This means they pose a risk not only to our pets but us as well. If you do get flea bites and a rash develops you should see your doctor but when it comes to the furry members of your family come and talk to the team at Total Vets. We can help you find the right solution for your pet. We have found this year in some cases we needed to recommend a different treatment to what has worked in the past as fleas have built up a resistance. Treating a flea infestation can need a multifaceted approach to beat the lifecycle. Remember, a flea can lay over 50 eggs a day. Only 5% of the population is adults – 95% are flea egg larvae and pupae. This means that for every flea you see there are 20 waiting to become adults. If we haven’t seen you in a while it might be a good time for a health check, otherwise our helpful nursing team will be more than happy to have a chat and give you advice on the best flea treatment for your pets.

To make it as easy as possible follow our flea checklist:

  • Flea treat your pet – (remember to repeat at recommended intervals for at least three months to break the cycle)
  • Clean the house thoroughly on the same day
  • Wash bedding at a high temperature
  • Vacuum carpets and furniture and discard vacuum bag afterwards.

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