Jancsi the Leonberger

  This is Jancsi. He’s a Leonberger, a BIG dog with a big appetite! Unfortunately Jancsi ate a bone and forgot to chew it all up. His mum brought him to see us because he started vomiting and the vomit had bones in it. An x-ray showed a large piece of bone stuck...

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Cajun’s chemo

I came home from Varsity one Wednesday pleased to be home and happy to be with Cajun once more. On greeting him I realised I could see an obvious pimple sized ‘lump’ on his right flank and try as I did I couldn’t recall having seen it before I set out that morning. I...

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Chemotherapy for Texas

Hi, I’m the owner of Texas – a retired Fox Terrier NZ & Australian show champion and stud dog. Texas was diagnosed “out of the blue” with Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in November 2014 by a blood test when looking into another problem – which turned out to be secondary...

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Mikey’s mysterious mass

Just before Christmas 2014 I discovered 2 small lumps near Mikey's throat and having previously experienced this with my last Golden Retriever, I had a fair idea what the outcome may be – canine lymphoma. Unfortunately, I was correct as tests within the next couple of...

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Total Veterinary Services in conjunction with the Corbin SM Memorial Fund Inc is now offering MRI sessions scanning for syringomyelia. Syringomyelia (SM) is rapidly emerging as a severe inherited condition associated with a wide range of breeds.  It is a progressive...

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Ken’s Tumour

Ken is a 9 year old male labrador who came to see us in August 2013 with a large growth on one of his ribs. The growth was confirmed to be a chondrosarcoma (tumour).  This is a tumour that responds well to surgical resection and usually doesn't require any follow up...

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Tee’s Journey

Written by Tee's owner, we couldn't change a word!   Two Tone Tee Rubble In November 2011 Tee was involved in a terrible accident - car vs bunny chasing dog.  She was hit on a busy main road and sustained extensive injuries.  Tee was incredibly lucky that she was...

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Ghost’s Story

The Total Vets Team would like to introduce you all to 'Ghost', a 7 month old Staffy mix. We first met Ghost at the age of 3 months, when he came off the back of a ute while travelling.  He damaged his radial nerve in his front leg and as a result he was unable to use...

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The Regurgitating Pup

This 9 week old puppy's owner brought her in because she was struggling to hold down any food.  Xrays were taken after she was given barium, a special liquid that shows up on xray used to outline the digestive system.   The xray above shows an enlarged esophagus (the...

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The Lucky Greyhound

This young greyhound's owner was certain his racing days were over before they even began when he was brought to us.  He suddenly became lame after playing rough with some other young dogs.  He was brought to our clinic with leg facing the wrong way and purple.   An...

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