This is Jancsi. He’s a Leonberger, a BIG dog with a big appetite! Unfortunately Jancsi ate a bone and forgot to chew it all up. His mum brought him to see us because he started vomiting and the vomit had bones in it. An x-ray showed a large piece of bone stuck in Jancsi’s intestine and so he was placed on a drip and taken straight to surgery.

During surgery it was found that the piece of bone had damaged the tissue where it had become lodged and due to its size and a sharp edge had torn two holes in the intestine, causing some of the contents to leak into the abdomen. This is a serious complication as the intestine contains millions of bacteria that can rapidly cause infection which can quickly become fatal.

We removed the damaged piece of intestine, still containing the bone, and stitched the two pieces of intestine back together. We then flushed out his abdomen.

Jancsi was on a drip overnight and the next day was kept on intravenous antibiotics. He’s a brave, tough dog and after two days in hospital he was strong enough to go home. He’s been back in for regular checks (and cuddles, he loves cuddles) over the last two weeks here at Total Vets and now seems back to his normal self.