It’s been a little while since we’ve posted a new blog – so we thought we would let you in on some of the updates around here!

The last 12 months has been challenging for us vet-wise with lots of maternity leave meaning we’ve had a few fantastic locums through our doors enjoying the fast pace of our clinic. We did make a new addition to our permanent veterinary staff with Dr. Jess coming on board and we’ll soon have Dr. Asumi back in the clinic after her maternity leave.

In our vet nurse department we have a couple of new faces around; April and Elliott who have joined us from south of here, and Lizzie who has popped over from the UK – check out our team page to get to know them a little better. Nurses Amanda and Billie have been continuing their vet nursing education by taking the Diploma in Vet Nursing and April has been hard at work studying extra papers in Nutrition.

Our lovely receptionist and administrative superstar Amy is just about ready to go on maternity leave for baby number two, so we’re sure you’ll enjoy meeting our new receptionist Ansley in the mean time.

Billie has been seeing an interesting array of patients for hydrotherapy in our underwater treadmill, and has been enjoying a lot of success (and licks!) with their rehabilitation. All of our orthopaedic surgery patients enjoy some free “swimming” sessions once their surgical wounds have healed up and it really has been making a great impact in their post-surgery recovery. Check out the Paws in Motion website for more details about our underwater treadmill.

Next month is Dental Health Month so keep an eye out for our next blog post outlining the dental health specials available! Dental health is really important to your pets well-being; neglecting he oral health of your pet can result in a number of unpleasant outcomes including: bad breath, pain and/or inability to eat, infections that can spread to other parts of their body and an expensive bill when they need large numbers of teeth removed. Prevention is definitely better than the alternative in this case!