Ken is a 9 year old male labrador who came to see us in August 2013 with a large growth on one of his ribs. The growth was confirmed to be a chondrosarcoma (tumour).  This is a tumour that responds well to surgical resection and usually doesn’t require any follow up chemotherapy or radiation.  Ken had a comprehensive workup including blood and urine tests, Xrays and a CT scan.  His CT showed the tumour growing into his chest cavity and compressing the lungs on the side of the tumour but there was no evidence that the tumour had spread.  Surgery was scheduled for the next week.
Ken’s surgery went very well.  As we were opening up his chest we had to breath for him during his anaesthetic.  Luckily we have a ventilator machine that breathed for Ken so it freed up the vets and nurses to concentrate of Ken’s surgery.  He had to have 2 of his ribs removed to ensure that the entire tumour was resected.  A special mesh was placed over the defect and a drain placed in his chest cavity to make sure that all the air and fluid was removed.  Ken spent the next 2 nights at the after hours clinic for careful monitoring.  He recovered very well from his surgery with no post-op complications.  We sent the tumour to the lab to ensure that it had all been removed and the results confirmed that Ken’s tumour was gone 🙂
Almost a year later and Ken hasn’t looked back – he is a bright, happy, bouncy boy and you would never know that he had had major surgery.