Winter Warmers: Bundle your Bunny

  Keep your rabbits warm this Winter. In the wild they would stay warm in underground burrows. Keep your rabbits in neutered pairs so they can snuggle together and share body heat. Keep hutches and sheds well insulated, warm, dry and draught free. Tarpaulin with...

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Fleas Fleas Fleas

Our blog is back so make sure you visit our page regularly for tips and advice! This month’s theme is fleas. In fact it is FLEAS, FLEAS and MORE FLEAS. With a very hot and humid summer behind us this year has seen the fleas come out in full swing and have seemed...

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Spring into September

Spring has finally sprung! You may have noticed as the weather warms up and the daffodils start showing that your pet is starting to itch and scratch. While there are many reasons for dogs and cats to itch, about 30% of cases can be attributed to allergies! Just like...

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August 2017 Update

With the colder weather well and truely here you may be seeing signs of your older pet beginning to slow down and really feel the cold. Unfortunately arthritis is a common problem in our older animals (both dogs and cats!) and can really take a toll on the overall...

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2017 Dental Month

July is pet dental health month.  We have been very lucky to have support from some great companies to offer you fantastic specials during the month of July. For all our patients we are offering FREE DENTAL CHECKS during July.  Please make an appointment and one of...

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June 2017 Update

It's been a little while since we've posted a new blog - so we thought we would let you in on some of the updates around here! The last 12 months has been challenging for us vet-wise with lots of maternity leave meaning we've had a few fantastic locums through our...

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