Welcome to the beautiful Total Vets villa.  We have 2 reception desks where you will be greeted, your dog weighed (cats stay in their cages) and the vet notified that you are here.  We have some (very) comfortable seating and can offer you filtered water, fresh ground coffee and a selection of teas while you wait.


Consulting Rooms

We have 2 consulting rooms that are both stocked with everything the vet should require during your visit.  The rooms are equiped with air conditioning and heating for climate control and black-out blinds should the sun be too bright.


Treatment Area

This is where we take blood samples, start IV fluids, anaesthetise animals before surgery and perform our “dirty” surgical procedures such as dentals and abscess surgery.



Our fully equiped surgery room is where all our sterile surgeries are performed.  We have an extensive variety of surgical equipment to cover everything from spays and castrations through to fracture repairs and challenging soft tissue surgeries.  Our anaesthetic monitoring equipment includes an ECG, pulse ox and heart and respiration rate monitors.  We have a ventilator as part of our anaesthetic machine on the off chance a patient needs a helping hand during their anaesthetic.



We have two imaging areas.  The first is a state of the art digital Xray machine. The table top moves so we can make sure we Xray the correct area of your pet without having to stress them or cause them discomfort by manipulating them too much.


Our second imaging area is the ultrasound suite which is part of our second consult room.  The table can be raised and lowered making it easier to get the larger dogs on and off the table.  The black-out blinds make it easier for us to view the ultrasound images.

Kennel Areas

We have 2 cage areas.  The first room is for the large dogs or cats that need a bit more space.  The larger kennels have underfloor heating to ensure your pet stays nice and warm during those colder winter months. We also have smaller cages in the same room where we keep our smaller dogs or cats that need a bit more space.


The second area is part of our treatment room.  The metal cages are also heated and can be divided in half should we need to accomodate more animals.  The smaller cages are for the small dogs and cats that are staying for a short time.


Our fully equiped lab allows us to measure more than 120 lab values, with results often available in a few hours.  This is also where our clinical pathologist looks at that lump we took a small sample from and also examines blood and urine under the microscope.  We also process the stem cell therapy in the lab.


Open Mon – Fri 8:00am to 7:00pm,
Saturday 8:00am to 4:00pm

Closed Public Holidays

516 Gloucester St, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand

03 389 45 64


For after-hours emergencies, please contact:
Christchurch After Hours Vet Clinic on (03) 366 1052

Christchurch After Hours Vet Clinic will be closed 28 – 19 April 2021. Please contact OurVets St Albans on (03) 355 6747 on these days.