Spring has finally sprung! You may have noticed as the weather warms up and the daffodils start showing that your pet is starting to itch and scratch. While there are many reasons for dogs and cats to itch, about 30% of cases can be attributed to allergies! Just like with humans, pets can be allergic to various plants and pollens, food, grasses, insects and even mites in the carpet! We here at Total Vets are the New Zealand agents for Spectrum Allergy testing – this means we can take a sample of your pets blood, send it to the USA and receive back a list of many of the things your pet is allergic to. After this we can devise a plan to help your pet beat the itch, which may include diet changes and hyposensitising injections (basically making your pet less allergic to their allergens using a series of injections).

Check out our section on Spectrum Allergy Testing for more information!