Written by Tee’s owner, we couldn’t change a word!

Two Tone Tee Rubble

In November 2011 Tee was involved in a terrible accident – car vs bunny chasing dog.  She was hit on a busy main road and sustained extensive injuries.  Tee was incredibly lucky that she was found immediately after the accident, and was quickly taken to Total Vets.  At that stage it looked highly doubtful that Tee would survive the
car journey into Total Vets and that drive seemed to take forever.  Kirsten and her team were ready and waiting for us and they immediately stepped into action and stabilised Tee and set to work assessing her numerous injuries.
Tee suffered an impressive list of injuries including injuries to head and eye, gravel rash over the large majority of her body, a dislocated hip, a cleanly broken front leg,  the other front leg suffered a green stick fracture, plus many muscular injuries due to the impact of the accident.
Kirsten and team put huge amounts of time and effort into supporting Tee to recover from her extensive injuries.  Her hip was re-located and her front leg was pinned and set.
Never in out wildest dreams did we think that Tee would recover enough to compete again in Dog Agility.  Our goal as Tee slowly recovered was to get her to the point that she could live a happy and healthy life again.  Tee had other ideas and made impressive gains as we began her rehabilitation programme with the support of many professionals, including an Osteopath and Physiotherapist.
Six months after she sustained these horrific injuries we received clearance to begin running Tee back in Dog Agility.  We were amazed that this was possible and certainly shows the determination that this little dog had to get back doing what she loves!
Tee hit the ground running and in her first show back gained the final senior challenge certificate she needed to become a New Zealand Agility Champion – that was an incredible and rewarding moment.  Since then Tee has gone on to also become a New Zealand Jumpers Champion.
We are so thrilled that Tee has been able to continue on her Agility career and we are incredibly grateful for the amazing care and attention that Tee received from Kirsten and the team at Total Vets.