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Our mission is to provide exceptional veterinary surgical and medical care using modern equipment and knowledgeable, engaging staff. This allows us to provide quality and professional veterinary medicine and surgery for your pet in a warm and friendly environment.

Each of our veterinarians practises medicine and surgery, providing both routine and advanced care expected from a leading veterinary clinic. Our veterinarians offer individual wellness and geriatric vaccination protocols with an approach tailored to each patient’s unique history, including age, lifestyle, and location. While each patient may have a primary veterinarian, we operate as a team to provide comprehensive and in-depth medical care.

We are a warm friendly team where your pet is as important to us as it is to you.

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3 weeks ago

Total Vets

Spring is a time when pollen counts increase in the air and the humans with hayfever start sneezing and rubbing their itchy eyes. In the dog and cat world, it is also a time when pets with environmental allergies (also called ‘Atopy’) - that is, allergies to things in their surrounding environment - often flare up. A flare up may include some or all of the following:

Itching, scratching, chewing
Licking (cats especially)
Head shaking, itchy ears
Runny eyes, head or face rubbing
Rubbing parts of their body on the ground

These things often lead on to red itchy skin, with or without infections. If your pet experiences any of these symptoms, it may be worth considering a vet visit before a skin problem gets out of hand - and also noting the timing of it on your calendar.

What can you do that may help?

If your dog seems worse after a walk out on the grass, it can’t do any harm to rinse the dog and their feet down with water and to towel dry them after a walk to rinse pollen off the coat. Washing the dog with shampoo is not always helpful. Ask the vet or nurse which product might be appropriate for your itchy pet.

Even if you don’t think fleas are a problem in your pet - treating with a reputable product for fleas is a great idea because any itchy pet will be made a lot itchier by fleas.

What can we do to help?

We recommend booking your pet for a 'Dermatology consult': a longer consult that gives us the time to do a thorough job in order to build a plan with you around how to manage and improve the skin of your pe
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3 weeks ago

Total Vets

Meet our vet Jane 🤩

"I am passionate about treating skin problems well. I have been a vet for many years but became especially interested in skin when I realised how common skin problems are in pets and how incredibly irritating they can be for not only the pet, but also the owner and even their vet! A number of years ago I spent a year studying dermatology through Massey University which gave me a great foundation to build on. Since then I have spent many many hours attending lectures, conferences and meetings, not to mention reading papers and textbooks which have focused specifically on skin. Skin problems, and particularly allergies, are mostly frustrating because there is not a single treatment for the problem and often not a ‘cure’ but a collection of different therapies we can use to improve the quality of life of the patient and the signs they exhibit. It’s fair to say that patients with skin problems need loving, committed owners.

Diagnosing and treating skin cases well takes time and patience. I am committed to giving the clients and their pets that I see, my full attention and effort to try to make life better for them. Part of doing this job well is understanding the concerns and the priorities of the owners so that we can work as a team to come up with the best plan for their pet."

Welcome to the Total Vets team Jane!
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4 weeks ago

Total Vets

Meet Turtle the beautiful and sweet American Bulldog🐢!

We thought Turtle was big for being just a puppy at over 40 kg, but turns out her reptile friends, the leatherback sea turtle, can weigh up to 900 kg in the wild!

We are all wishing you a speedy recovery Turtle!
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